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Benefits of Marien baseboards

Reversible Marien baseboard mouldings are made from ultralight MDF which are prepainted on both sides. Therefore, they do not present the naturally-occurring defects of wood, such as bruises, knots, checks and shakes.

These unique baseboard mouldings are reversible, thanks to inverted top and bottom rounded edges.

When installing Marien baseboard mouldings ™ where two walls meet at a square angle, you cut the moulding at a 45° angle obtaining two moulding sections:

- The first portion is installed on the wall, all the way to the corner.

- The second portion of the baseboard moulding is then flipped and installed on the following wall, allowing for continuity.

A Marien baseboard moulding translates to: savings on cuts, installation time and on materials.

Indeed, this innovative concept allows you to decrease the number of cuts necessary and save roughly 0.2 hours per room.

The second non-negligible benefit comes from saving 3 to 5 centimetres of material per cut.

This innovation will please tradesmen, managers and construction professionals looking for a product combining quality and efficiency.


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Marien Baseboard
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